Neighborhood Unification Project

Nurture aims to reinvest in high risk communities. Many residents of these communities suffer from various forms of abuse and lack of trauma related care. 

We at Nurture believe that by increasing awareness and understanding of trauma specific to black american men, women and children of how these traumas have impacted them will help build relationships with other black americans that have shared in these same traumas. Nurture aims to inspire Black Americans to become civically engaged. Our vision of empowering Black American men, women, and children looks to break generational cycles. We hope to remove the barriers of social, mental, economic, and financial success and enable positive re-integration of a struggling mankind. 

It is our belief that through the courage to see, speak, and hear the truth; the creativity to chart the needed and unseen course; and compassion for ourselves and companions along the way individuals can structure oneself to be incorporated into a nuturing and culturally understanding environment.